custom-welding-slide-101Solid Ground Studio is the amazing design-build company of Kate Demske.
The studio is based in the Northside neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have extensive experience in designing and fabricating permanent interior and exterior installations. These include large-scale sculpture, gates and railings and other objects both functional and beautiful.
Our portfolio includes projects throughout the region and as far away as Alaska. Kate’s unique style combines traditional blacksmithing techniques with modern tools and methods and a foundation in the fine arts to create heirloom quality products out of forged steel.
We love our clients and working hand in hand with them to develop innovative and beautiful solutions to their design challenges is one of things we’re best at. We handle every step of the process from initial sketches though fabrication and installation.
It is our pleasure to share with you the magic of blacksmithing and to pass on the spark of joy of that is created with fire and hammer and anvil.